Emo Night Nashville - Review

       I had the pleasure of attending Emo Night: Nashville last night, and it was truly a night I will not forget. From the moment I witnessed Jack Barakat’s snapchat story documenting Emo Night LA I promised myself that if I ever had the chance to attend an Emo Night I would. So upon learning there was an Emo night in Nashville I immediately checked my work schedule, purchased my ticket, and decided to make the two hour trip to Nashville for the event.
       While driving to the event my energy and expectations were high and let me tell you I was not disappointed. Walking in the Exit/In (the venue) I was in awe; from the layout of the building, to the unique drink menu (every drink being named after a famous band or musician), to the significantly placed balloons that read "Emo Night" and "sad as fuck." I could tell that everything about this night would be perfect. The first hour I sat observant, watching from the second story loft area as lovers, friends, and the fucking incredible Emo Night leaders danced and screamed along to the songs of my youth. The second hour I found myself closer to the dance floor, watching as Kevin and Will from Cartel were brought to the stage to DJ. I found myself smiling, watching as the people around me lost themselves in the music, letting all the stress of everyday life go. I was in awe as I watched people storm the stage, dancing their hearts out without a care in the world.  By the third hour I found myself out on the dance floor, dancing like a fool with my new found friend Nicole, screaming along to some of my favorite songs as Anthony from Bayside came to the stage as the final DJ.
       All in all this was truly an event that I will happily be attending again. The only thing I wish for next Emo Night: Nashville is a bigger crowd. I highly recommend that if you are near the Nashville area and have an undying love for the emo music of our youth that you attend. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Reporting by Maranda Risner