SadGirl 🌹 (+ Review)


Photos & review by Jessica Rubio!
The Observatory OC on Friday - January 11th, 2019

Aw Friday shows are the best because it’s the nicest way to start a weekend, you know?

This show is something that has been on my bucket list for a while. It was my first time photographing at The Observatory, which I have been frequenting as a show-goer since my high school days (my senior prom was there lol) and let me tell you - I was a bit nervous.

Anyways, this lineup was sick and I was #blessed to make it in to catch opener Jasper Bones. Let me just start by saying... Jasper Bones is making Bedroom Pop waves. If you haven't already listened to “Someone Like You”, I’m jealous because I remember the first time I heard it and I want to relive that moment again. Obviously seeing him close out his set with that jam was the best. Plus, when I turned around there was a gorgeous crowd before him soaking it all up just past 8pm. Very excited to see what more comes from Jasper Bones, especially since @mijamgmt is backing him.

Things moved quick and the OC Hurricanes were jumping around the stage before I knew it. This was my first time coming across this band and that thing happened where you see the band live first then search for their music on Spotify because they were really good. Yeah, they were really good and I hope to see them leave the OC soon and venture over to LA where we can get a little more of the action.

Like I said, things moved fast and Tropa Magica snuck on stage. So my first time coming across this group they were known as Thee Commons. One time when I was being dumb AF, I got busted for an open container of Modelo by undercover cops dressed like my tio and it was during their Echo Park Rising set. That show cost me $350! I checked in with them again when they were opening for Shannon & the Clams last October but for some reason their song Morena did not hit as hard as it did last night. Foos went from moshing to cumbia in one song. Moshing to Cumbia is basically the aesthetic of this scene.

“SadGirl #6” ended up being the caption for my boyfriend’s Instagram post because I’m pretty sure I have dragged him to at least six SadGirl shows if not more. Seeing this band spout up has been so lovely. They even had some new songs for us like “Water” and also just shared a new video for their song “Chlorine” where there is a sickening (maybe Fenty) highlighter situation going on throughout the video. The show was so good and the people attending the show were so good and nice. Overall it was a great night to be at the Observatory and not at home watching Netfilx for once. #StayHydrated  


The Hurricanes

Tropa Magica