Santigold (+ review)


Photos & review by Jessica Rubio

Fans ranging from so many different styles, looks, and ages poured into the Hollywood Palladium to witness Santigold’s 10 Years Golden Tour. This very special night kicked off with a lovely set from Amanda Blank, recently featured in Paper Magazine for releasing her first solo in a decade. Having previously worked with Santigold, she also played a song the two wrote together “a long time ago”.

The Hollywood Palladium has so many special memories. Being one of the center venues west of the 101, if has held legendary performances by artists such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Flag, Robyn, and so many more. Larger than a club but smaller than a bowl, it makes for an intimate fit. Seeing the crowd grow all the way to the edges of the floor in between sets was a telling sign for what was about to happen. Santigold hit the stage and took my breath away. She came out with so much damn swag and carried the audience with her throughout every song. She aligned herself with her onstage singer/dancer girls and even gave them a special shout out because they were proud recent moms who were back in action alongside her. She took the time to thank her audience for joining her on this career spanning tour and it was no surprise that they were still coming out in droves to watch her perform. Her genre defying music has paved the way for younger artists and will continue to do so with every new album she puts out.

What a Legend.

Amanda Blank

May 17th, 2019
Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA. 
Photos by Jessica Rubio